Voices of BlueScope

42. Working with NPY Women's Council

August 17, 2023 BlueScope
Voices of BlueScope
42. Working with NPY Women's Council
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This episode is a recording of a live-streamed panel discussion with two representatives from NPY Women’s Council, Liza Balmer and Lynette Ross, along with two BlueScope employees, Aneta Pyzel and Yasmine Gardner, who worked with the council through the Jawun Indigenous partnership program. (The online audience consisted of employees at BlueScope Australian Steel Products.)

The panellists discuss the work of NPY Women's Council, what it’s like to participate in Jawun and how we can all educate ourselves about the history and achievements of Indigenous Peoples across Australia.


  1. Introduction: 0:00
  2. Our Panellists: 3:45
  3. NPY Women's Council: 5:51
  4. Jawun Experiences: 16:17
  5. Legacy: 33:16
  6. Educational Resources: 38:35
  7. Q&A Segment: 42:21
  8. Final Thoughts: 47:15
  9. Conclusion: 53:34


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  • Edited by Martin Feld
  • Panel discussion organised by Jessica Thompson
Our Panellists
NPY Women’s Council
Jawun Experiences
Educational Resources
Q&A Segment
Final Thoughts